Guess what! You don't need to OCR or to copy the text manually, translate it and redesign the image.

This is a detailed guide to translate an image from one language to another, using the quick and efficient tool, imgtranslate.

  1. Signup at


2. Login and Click on NEW to get started with your image


3. Upload your image or give the url to the image you want to translate


Select the source language of the and the target language you want to convert it to. Press START

4. Your selected image shows in the right panel of your next screen. You just have to select the text regions you want to translate.


Remember, Select different texts one by one. Don't include the whole image in one selection.

You can see the translations after selecting the text regions.


You can also see the boxes for each selection made in the left panel if you want to make any adjustments or edit the translations if they are not proper.


The machine tries to make it's best guess for the size, position and alignment of the translated text. But due to expansion or compression in size due to some language or script, if you want to adjust them, you can do it too.


Make the final edits, and click on EXPORT. And Done! Your converted image is downloaded for you.

No manual text-extraction or extra OCR software needed. No Photoshop, No illustrator. No redesigning of the image. Everything in one simple editor.

Happy image translating at imgtranslate!